The Bourne Educational Foundation - "Old Grammar School"


The original endowments arise from the foundation called ‘The Harrington and Trollope’s Secondary School’. The original endowment was provided by William Trollope in 1636. Trollope’s endowment was basically for the provision of a schoolmaster in a building provided by him, the site of which is the Old Grammar School adjacent to the Churchyard.

After a decline in the number of pupils and several attempts to re-open it the School was finally closed in 1904.

The Old Grammar School was sold to the Bourne Abbey Parochial Church Council in 1924 for the sum of £100. It was decided the premises would be used as a Parish Room.

As the Bourne PCC had insufficient funds to maintain the building, the property was conveyed to the Governors of the Bourne Educational Foundation in consideration of its continued use by the Scouts and Guides.

With various Schemes set up with the Charity Commissioners in 1904, 1916, 1961 and the present Scheme dated 30th of December 2011 (as amended), the original Harrington & Trollope’s Foundation was incorporated as the Bourne Educational Foundation.

In 1921 in co-operation with the then Kesteven County Council, the site of seven acres in South Road, Bourne, was purchased by the Foundation Governors using accumulated funds of the Foundation and a new Grammar School was erected in 1919 consisting of ex-MOD huts.

The present new buildings are built on this land, which is still owned by the Bourne United Charities.

The income of the Foundation is from the investment of the original endowments comprising the Trollope bequest and one tenth of the net yearly income of the Robert Harrington Charity, at presented administered by the Bourne United Charities, which authority appoints some of the Foundation Governors.

The Bourne Education Foundation is Charted separately to the BUC. If anyone wishes to contact the BEF they can do so by emailling