Red Hall and ChairmanWelcome to the Bourne United Charities

When I first visited Bourne in July 1987, I saw in passing & was impressed by the Abbey Lawns & the waterside frontage of the Memorial Gardens. We moved here in September of that year & whilst exploring the town I found several signs indicating ownership by ‘Bourne United Charities’. A little research informed me how, for many years, Bourne & its’ citizens have benefited from the forethought & generosity of a number of philanthropists connected to the town. These various gifts & bequests have been amalgamated to form Bourne United Charities

The trustees, who meet every month at the Red Hall, have the responsibility of continuing this charitable work, endeavouring to support individuals, groups & projects whilst remaining mindful of the donors’ original instructions.

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of ground staff who work hard tending the beautiful Wellhead & Memorial Gardens, thus providing us with areas for relaxation & quiet contemplation. The Abbey Lawns are also maintained to a high standard, providing an enviable setting for numerous sporting activities.

Bernadette Cejar



We are indebted to Rex Needle for providing pictures and historical data for the web site.